Warm Waters

Aug 21, 2020 | 0 comments

urchinsquarej6-01wIts August, and I’ve been working primarily on Tidelines with Jo Salter, my partner, over summer. Tidelines creates spaces, activities and opportunities for people to come together to explore, learn about and care for the changing Exe estuary, which is where we live. We are working with academics from Exeter University, our local authority (East Devon) non-government organisations and research institutions (such as the Met Office) to create a ‘communiversity’ with the Estuary and its multi species inhabitants at its heart at a time of climate & ecological emergency.  We’ve had to invent new ways to do this during a global pandemic. You can find out more here and join our mailing list for updates here.  Walking Forest will kick off in Autumn with the launch of the website and a research trip to Coventry.  On a trip North, I managed to squeeze in a visit to Whirlygig Woods, the creative home of the Timber Festival where I was invited to a weekend of thinking about and reflecting on the Timber Festival past and future with other creative practitioners. We stayed in a caravan called the Fear Eater, which was surprisingly comfortable! As part of Culture Declares Emergency ‘The Offer” on the 6 May, I got the opportunity to speak about Re-imagining the City alongside Margot Heller, Director, South London Gallery Jane Riddiford, Co-Director, Global Generation and Dan Raven-Ellison founder of National Park City. you can watch the video here


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