Turning year

Apr 27, 2023 | 0 comments

New year seems to start for me after the FLOW January Wassail, in mid-January. This year more noisy, lively and busy than ever with all the ingredients to warm up our collective spirit and wake up the trees! I have been enjoying teaching MA students at Schumacher College and teaching and mentoring with CSA (Community Supported Agriculture & Seed Sovereignty network). I’m taking a bit more time to research for my MEMBRA creative work with Walking Forest. Drawing on experiences at BIFOR experimental site (‘the Hadron Collider of ecology’) near Birmingham where CO2 is being pumped into forest test plots to mimic future levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide and my imaginings of Glen Tanar, a site of mature Scottish Pine on the edge of the Cairngorms which I’ll be visiting later this year to learn from the pines. I’ve also initiated some sessions with climate scientists and researchers at University of Exeter to support mental health using the Climate Cafe model created through the Climate Psychology Alliance.and working with a fab group of co-faciliators in Exeter.



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