Salmon Run 2023

Sep 27, 2023 | 0 comments

When human movement patterns start to realign with the patterns of other species – eagles, mayflies, geese, muskrat  – our awareness rejoins the community of life into which we are born but which our built environments too often hide us from. In this unity of flow and bodily movement, belonging is no longer abstraction but is manifest through living choreography. The choreographer, though, is not an individual but the relationship among a multitude. The river is not a passageway for lifeless water molecules but is a life-form. David George Haskell

Each race of salmon is the rhythmic pulse of a particular place, each individual an ocean going avatar of a specific stream or inland lake – Creaturely Migrations, David Abrams

‘Salmon is the King of Fish. Their journeys up rivers are some of the most thrilling spectacles of the natural world. Yet, now, their very survival is at risk’ Sir David Attenborough 

Intent on one thing and one thing alone getting up stream to their spawning place – David Abrams

Salmon Run 2023 – Tidelines


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