Odds and Beginnings

Apr 7, 2015 | 0 comments

We have crossed back over the River Tamar, and are now about 60 miles further east in Exmouth, Devon. Enjoying getting to know the coast, the estuary, the town and the city. Lucy Neal’s new book Playing for Time, lauched two weeks ago at FreeWord in London and was delighted to be there to orchestrate an unruly finale of Flip the Kipper! Playing for Time is a hefty tomb which includes a diverse assembly of visual artists, theatre makers, performers, craftspeople, playwrights, sustainability managers, cultivators, writers, activists and environmentalists from the UK and around the world. For anyone who wishes to buy copies, there is currently a discount code for this book, giving you £5 off the RRP: ONPFT2015 Valid at : http://oberonbooks.com/playing-for-time

I’m just shifting gear on Exeter Enquires residency with Tim Lenton, Luke Mander and Tom Powell (Earth Systems Science, Exeter University) and we are in the early stages of planning a participatory public event based around walking, the jurassic coast and perspectives on change. This has emerged from my time with Tim et al. learning more about James Lovelock’s influence and works and returning to explore the fundamental science of climate change from multiple perspectives and the gaps between a) recognition of changes in our biosphere (knowledge of the facts as presented by contemporary science) and personal, emotional, empathic responses and corresponding actions and b) between people working in parallel fields (or on different parts of the spectrum) on climate change theory and climate change response. The date for this event, open to all, is week of 13 July. More details to follow soon.

Just found a pic from an event last November with the great Independent School of Art in Penryn where I was invited to create a response as part of a day of events around art, food and activism. I invited Paul Conneally to create with me another iteration of In Your Hands as a closing event to the day. pic by Belle Benfield



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