lunar eclipse

Jul 17, 2019 | 0 comments


Just back from Bristol where I led on and co-facilitated two Creative Conversations with Encounters Arts looking at the relationship between religious faith, spirituality and global mass extinction. One took place with a group of people from different spiritual backgrounds over a day involving different invitations, walks, makes, conversations and reflective sessions and the other was a one hour workshop at XR Bristol Bridge the same evening. Lots to say about that if you are interested. These images generated by Shelley Castle who was our visual scribe for the day.  Other recent highlights include Running with Trees at Timber Festival . My running partner this time was a field maple and it was such a poignant location for weaving the story of trees, breath, our bodies and the carbon cycle while running across the site of rich coal deposits. The National Forest being a new planting of so far 9 million trees on the site of ancient, buried Carboniferous forests. I’m still researching working with morse code messages and the climate and ecological emergency after the successful pilot field station we set up as part of May Day May Day at Loughborough. Get in touch if you would like to support this work or work together on this.


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