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Nov 10, 2022 | 0 comments

Salmon Run 2022 Photo: Jenny Steer

Sorry! I’ve been slack about updating and the rest of the website needs a much needed update too so best way to find out about recent work is get in touch for a chat. I’m shifting the focus of my work in 2023 towards more teaching, mentoring and consulting around community, arts, ecology; arts and permaculture; arts and activism and trans-disciplinary work with academics (scientists and humanities) as well as more studio time.

2022 marked the rounding off of ten year’s of work as designer, co-ordinator and curator of Fruit Routes at Loughborough University. There is a blog about the transition of this project here . This included a mini-festival with The Institute of Advanced Studies, the launch of the Fruit Routes Charter which outlines the principles and ethics of Fruit Routes and handing over of the project to a steering group made up of local people, university staff and gardens team. There is a new website in final stages of design which aims to enable easy exploration of the project and archive. In Tidelines we have been focusing our energy on Salmon Run which took place on 25 September with 75 people from 4-75 years old running a relay in eight sections over 50 miles along the River Exe from sea to spawning ground . We have been researching Atlantic Salmon on the Exe alongside scientists, fishers and other experts and listening to their story which weaves the river system to the history of the city of Exeter and the climate and ecological emergency. See the Tidelines blog for more details on the Run and research and other artworks produced with Jo Salter including a podcast. We are getting lots of interest around Tidelines’ work and research including presentations for the Young Foundation, University of Southampton, EUniversities at RAMM and Eden Project. In Walking Forest we have started working with the interdisciplinary research team which includes tree ring experts, ecologists and plant pathologists, system scientists as part of MEMBRA. This 3 year project funded as part of ‘The Future of UK Treescapes’ by UKRI (UK research and innovation) is researching trees, climate and other biological stresses, tree memory and adaptation with an aim of impacting policy. We ran a creative lab for the research team on Dartmoor and are now forming creative clusters for more in depth collaborative research.


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