orchard on the Exe

May 14, 2017 | 0 comments


I am in full swing with the Exeter/Gingko Projects & East Devon Council commision. I am reconfiguring the Environment Agency’s planting scheme to create a ribbon orchard along the site (around 5km) to enhance the habitat for pollinators and foragers of all descriptions. This is a complex partnership between different communities, landowners, govt.agencies and there are some great people involved. The project includes an Orchard Lab on 21 June, a day with people from local communities of Exwick & St Thomas, Wildlife Trust, Environment Agency & Exeter City Council considering the possibilities and intricacies of realising the project. I’m also taking groups running in the site to explore the relationship between trees, breath and carbon in a performative way (Tom Powell, earth systems scientist has been helping me create this work) & I’m collaborating with Amy Shelton to make an Orchard Box to collect and share thoughts, ideas, visions, perspectives on the project. (the pic is looking at the stomata (breathing apparatus) of an apple leaf (Devonshire Quarrendon) down a microscope


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