Across the ocean

Dec 8, 2023 | 0 comments

I’ve been involved with an ongoing monthly collaboration with Sarah Cameron Sunde for over two years now. I came into contact with Sarah through our High Water event where she presented her beautiful durational artwork 36.5. Sarah lives across the Atlantic in NY. We arrange a monthly encounter by a body of water, for me, usually the estuary or coast here in Devon. We share half an hour improvising together by the water’s edge, following each session with an exchange of objects, recorded sound or image, words and photos. I love this way of linking across time zones, space and place. We often use the full moon as a date marker, often me in the dusk or moonlight, Sarah in broad daylight. We have never met in person but have developed resonance and intimacy through this process/ongoing research. I’m particularly interested as decades ago I elected not to fly, due to the high carbon impact of international aviation, so am keen to explore how remote and simultaneous creative working can foster connection and generate shared knowledge.

Image from Nov 23, Exe estuary by Jo Salter


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